The cheapest online Amor Nursing Bra (38DD, Pink)

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Product Details

  • Size: 38DD
  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: PassionSpice
  • Fabric type: 80% poly/20% spandex blend.


  • Top Clasp Nursing Access
  • No Underwire
  • Back Closure
  • Mesh Overlay
  • Sexy Style with Clevage Enhancing Lift

Product Description

Attention getting bra gives cleavage enhancing lift. Mesh overlay is splashed with an embroidered design. Hot fuchsia bra features easy top clasp for nursing access, adjustable straps, back closure, and no underwire.

Imported 80% poly/20% spandex. Wash in cold water in lingerie bag, lay flat to dry.

Customer Reviews

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1Strange design-ill fitting
By Cathy B
I ordered this (and a couple of others) for my then pregnant daughter who was planning on nursing her daughter (and she currently is). It didn’t fit right at all. She said the way it was designed didn’t work at all. I ordered the 40F for her…she says it was too small and awkward. The only ones that we’ve found that work (they aren’t the best) are Motherhood’s nursing bras. Trying to order a nursing bra has proved too challenging as they are all made so differently.

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